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Prokem Kimya Olarak, Ülkemizde sprey krom kimyasallarını A dan Z ye tüm bileşenlerini üretmeye başladığımızda başka bir üretici yoktu. Aradan geçen bunca zamanda Halen olmamakla birlikte bir yada iki bileşenini üret[...]


Looking for dealers.

Do you want to make a profitable investment in your area if you know how to use dye gun?



First, you have to know how to use wet paint spray gun in order to set up the system. At least one staff have to know it. Secondly, you should apply our company to check whether there is an open position to the franchise on your district. There are no other special conditions except these.

To be able to make spray chrome application;

  1. Chrome paint machine
  2. Chrome paint gun
  3. Deionized water device
  4. Chemical set
  5. Education

These all are provided by our company. Additionally, a suitable place, compressor and air dryer are enough which are provided by your company.

You can get a very chrome view. However, it may not be very healthy because of the strong conditions that the rims are exposed. Peeling problem may occur in time. The problem will be solved with the help of JantKaps technology that will be introduced in February 2017. The healthier rim coating system will be formed with the new express rim coating machine. If you want to have the system you should buy it additionally.


Chrome technology can be used for exterior sides owing to the our new developed system from 2017.

Package includes the education when you want to set up the system.

All products are produced by us. We do not sell any products which are bought from elsewhere.

We can say nothing about their reliability. However, please don’t make a deal before visiting their shops. Because we still experience some who allege to produce such product without any chemical information. We recommend to visit their stores.

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